Category: Microsoft Word 2010

Decrease Document Size by Preventing Image Resetting

SUMMARY: Prevent Word 2010 from keeping a second copy of edited images to decrease file size at the expense of disabling picture resetting.

When you insert a picture into a Microsoft Word 2010 document, you can perform a wide variety of edits including cropping, adjusting the brightness and contrast, and applying Artistic Effects such as Glass and Watercolor. All this can be performed without having to open an external image editor.Read More

Stop the Not So Smart Quotes

SUMMARY: Prevent Word 2010 from converting your quotes into those that don’t always paste well into other applications and documents.

Microsoft Word 2010 has a tendency to perform a great deal of correcting as you type, useful if you keep typing in teh instead of the (unless you really want to type in teh Internets, which in this case Word can be annoying). Among this happily-correcting behavior is the changing of quotation marks to “smart quotes”, ones where the quotes slant at an angle.Read More

Stop Selecting Entire Words!

SUMMARY: When selecting text in a Word 2010 document, prevent the application from forcing you to select entire words.

If you use the mouse to select text in a Microsoft Word 2010 document, you may notice that after you select one word, preceding or following words are selected automatically as you move the mouse – you cannot select individual letter of the words. Read More

Make Paragraphs Stand Out with Drop Caps

SUMMARY: Drop Caps can make the first paragraph of a chapter or document section stand out, and they are easy to make and customize.

Many books and other documents incorporate the use of an initial at the start of a chapter or section; this is a stylized first letter that stands out from the rest of the text. Read More

Dashes, Fractions, and Ordinals! Oh My! Stop the Replacing.

SUMMARY: Prevent Word 2010 from replacing dashes, fractions, and ordinals with characters that might not be desired or even viewable in all situations.

Microsoft Word 2010 has a habit of trying to make documents look better, features that many people normally appreciate. Read More

Stop Capitalizing the First Letter of a Line / Sentence!

SUMMARY: Word 2010 automatically helps you by capitalizing the first word of what it deems to be a new sentence. If you don’t like this behavior, disable it.

Microsoft Word 2010 has a default setting where every time you insert a new line of text or do what it thinks is creating a new sentence, it will automatically capitalize the first letter. This is useful if you accidentally forget to press the Shift key to capitalize the letter, or if your fingers slip.
Read More

Spice Up Your Underlines with Colors, Dashes, Waves, and More

SUMMARY: Draw attention to text by underlining it in different colors and styles in Word 2010.

If you need to draw attention to text in Microsoft Word 2010, one simple way is to underline it. Doing so is simple – highlight the text, press CTRL+U, or press the “U” button in the “Font” section on the “Home” tab of the Ribbon.Read More

Give Text a Gradient or Rainbow Fill

SUMMARY: Make important text stand out with gradient or rainbow fills, and apply a multitude of display tweaks.

Interested in another way to make text stand out in a Microsoft Word 2010document? How about applying a Fog, Mahogany, or Chrome gradient fill to text, or making text appear with a rainbow of colors?Read More

Do Not Proofread a Section of a Document

SUMMARY: Or, why is a section of my Word 2010 document not getting proofed?

Certain Microsoft Word 2010 documents may contain sections of text with scientific, medical, or other technical jargon, quotations with misspelled words or lack of punctuation, or transcriptions of conversations where formal English rules are not always obeyed. When typing or inserting such text into documents, you may grow tired of seeing green or red squiggles underneath.Read More

Do Not Waste Time Designing Your Own Cover Page…

SUMMARY: Microsoft Word 2010 comes built-in with several cover page designs you might wish to use instead of taking time designing your own.

If your document such as a book report, business proposal, or quarterly financial report requires a cover page, designing one could take a fair amount of time. Clip-art or photographs need to be aligned, margins set, fonts chosen, etc.Read More