Draw Attention; Border Text with a Graphic

SUMMARY: Add BorderArt to a text box to draw attention to important information or just to spice up a publication.

Looking to focus the reader’s eyes on a particular block of text in a Microsoft Publisher 2010 document? Instead of applying normal dotted or solid line borders, why not surround text with apples, confetti, pumpkins, trees, or a design of your own choosing?

1. Right-click a text box.
2. Choose “Format Text Box” from the pop-up menu.
3. The “Format Text Box” dialog box should open. Select the “Colors and Lines” tab if it is not already.
4. Underneath “Line”, click the “BorderArt” button.
5. The “BorderArt” dialog box appears. From here you can choose from the available borders.

* Click “Create Custom” to create your own border (you can use the Clip Organizer or any file available to your machine).

* Clicking the “Don’t stretch pictures” radio button, as opposed to “Stretch pictures to fit”, may give a more pleasing design if you find the graphics too crammed together.

* The “Delete” and “Rename” buttons help you manage available borders, either removing unneeded borders or giving them a more recognizable name.

6. Click “OK” to close the “BorderArt” dialog box.
7. From the “Format Text Box” dialog box, you can use pull-downs to modify the border “Color” and “Weight” if desired.
8. When satisfied with your results, click “OK” to close the “Colors and Lines” dialog box and apply the border.

Author: Viktoryia Ryharovich