Adjust Character Spacing, Width for Effect or to Fit More Text

SUMMARY: Draw attention to text in a Publisher 2010 document, or fit more text into a box by adjusting character width and spacing.

To draw attention to certain text in a Microsoft Publisher 2010 publication, one option is to increase the spacing between characters in a block of text, such as in a page or section header. Unless too much space is added between characters, this may make headers easier to spot and read.

This same option may be used to condense the space between characters in a selection of text. This may be useful for artistic effect, or if you absolutely have to cram just a few more characters inside a text box that cannot be resized due to the layout.

1. Select the block of text to adjust.

2. Click the “Home” tab in the Ribbon.

3. In the “Font” section, click on the “Character Spacing” button (it looks like the letters “AV” over a double-sided arrow – see the below screenshot). From the pull-down menu, select the following spacing options:

* Very Tight
* Tight
* Normal
* Loose
* Very Loose

Adjusting character spacing in a Publisher 2010 document

If you want to fine-tune the spacing, click the “More Spacing” option in the pull-down menu. This opens the “Character Spacing” dialog box.

* Shrink or stretch selected text: Adjust the text width up to 600% or down to 0.1% of the selected font size

* Tracking: Adjusts the character spacing; either use the previously-mentioned options or fine-tune the spacing up to 600% or down to 0.1% of the selected font size

* Kerning: Adjust text kerning between characters, either expanding or condensing spacing by your defined point size

* Automatic pair kerning: Whether or not to turn on automatic kerning where applicable between letters, and for which font sizes

Note that a text preview of your selected choices may be found in the “Sample” box.