Do Not Waste Time Designing Your Own Cover Page…

SUMMARY: Microsoft Word 2010 comes built-in with several cover page designs you might wish to use instead of taking time designing your own.

If your document such as a book report, business proposal, or quarterly financial report requires a cover page, designing one could take a fair amount of time. Clip-art or photographs need to be aligned, margins set, fonts chosen, etc.
… or you can create a cover page quickly with the default templates Microsoft Word 2010 includes and tweak the design from there.

Adding a cover page to your Microsoft Word 2010 document

1. Click the “Insert” tab in the Ribbon.

2. In the “Pages” section, click the “Cover Page” button / pull-down.

3. Select your desired cover page from those provided.

4. Modify your cover page as desired, or keep the general design and double-click inside the text fields to enter information such as the document title, subtitle, abstract, etc.

Note that to later remove a document’s cover page, go back through the above steps but select “Remove Current Cover Page”.