SUMMARY: If you open many PowerPoint 2010 documents daily and every author saves them with their own view, force PowerPoint to start on one particular view.

SUMMARY: Or, create every Excel 2010 workbook with even more than 3 worksheets.

SUMMARY: Change the default directory where PowerPoint 2010 presentations are saved as well as where AutoRecover files are kept. By default, as with other Office 2010 applications, Microsoft…

SUMMARY: Disable pop-up ScreenTips in PowerPoint 2010 if you don’t find them at all useful.

SUMMARY: Reset a heavily-modified picture in PowerPoint 2010 to its imported state.

SUMMARY: Prevent PowerPoint 2010 from even asking to save ink annotations after a presentation.

SUMMARY: Illustrate how to use a software program or web service by adding a screenshot into your PowerPoint 2010 presentation. Perhaps you need to give a Microsoft PowerPoint…

SUMMARY: Apply artistic effects to pictures / photos in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation without loading an external image editor.

SUMMARY: Make the annotating pen and virtual laser pointer appear in different colors while displaying a PowerPoint 2010 slide show.

SUMMARY: Use rulers, drawing guides, and / or gridlines to arrange objects inside slides in PowerPoint 2010 presentations. Designing complicated slide layouts in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?