Undo Picture Adjustments

SUMMARY: Reset a heavily-modified picture in PowerPoint 2010 to its imported state.

If you’ve performed a variety of adjustments on a picture in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 such as giving it a tint, decreasing the contrast, or applying a Film Grain effect, you may think that the original imported photo is lost. Not so!

In the default configuration, PowerPoint 2010 keeps track of your image adjustments, allowing you to reset a picture to its imported state, and you can optionally reset a picture to its imported size as well.

1. Select the image you would like to revert.

2. Click the “Format (Picture Tools)” tab in the Ribbon that appears.

3. In the “Adjust” group, click the pull-down arrow next to “Reset Picture”.

4. From here you can reset the picture, and optionally reset the size as well:

* Reset Picture
* Reset Picture and Size

Reverting an image in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation to its imported state