Toggle Gridlines, Guides, and Rulers When Designing Slides

SUMMARY: Use rulers, drawing guides, and / or gridlines to arrange objects inside slides in PowerPoint 2010 presentations.

Designing complicated slide layouts in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?

It might prove useful to show items to aid in arranging text, images, graphs, and other objects on a slide. With a couple of clicks you can view horizontal and vertical rulers, gridlines on which objects are aligned, and adjustable drawing guides.

1. Select the “View” tab in the Ribbon.

2. In the “Show” section, check or uncheck “Ruler”, “Gridlines”, and “Guides” as desired.

3. Drawing guides are adjustable. Click and hold the mouse button over a guide and the pointer should change to “0.0”. Move the pointer left or right, or up and down depending on the guide, to adjust it. Note that you may need to click and drag on a portion of a guide that is not covered by another object on the current slide, or click and drag on the guide portions in the slide margins.