Stop Creating Workbooks with Multiple Worksheets

SUMMARY: Or, create every Excel 2010 workbook with even more than 3 worksheets.

When you create a new workbook in Microsoft Excel 2010, it is automatically created with three worksheets. Depending on your needs, you may rarely use more than one worksheet in an Excel 2010 workbook, finding the extra worksheets gratuitous. Or, you may often create complex workbooks where many more worksheets are needed. Editing the default setting to create more worksheets may save you time in the long run.

1. Select the “File” tab in the Ribbon.
2. The Microsoft Office Backstage View appears. Click the “Options” button.
(Or instead of steps 1 and 2, press Alt + T, then the letter O.)

3. The “Excel Options” dialog box appears. “General” should already be selected in the left pane – if not, do so.
4. Underneath “When creating new workbooks”, click the box next to “Include this many sheets”. You can use the arrows or enter a value from 1 to 255 (!).

Create all new workbooks in Excel 2010 with only one worksheet

5. Click “OK” on the bottom-right of the dialog box to close it.