Category: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Force All Documents to Open in a Particular View

SUMMARY: If you open many PowerPoint 2010 documents daily and every author saves them with their own view, force PowerPoint to start on one particular view.

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Give a Picture a Reflection

SUMMARY: Make a picture in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation appear to cause a reflection on a glossy surface.Read More

Stop Creating Workbooks with Multiple Worksheets

SUMMARY: Or, create every Excel 2010 workbook with even more than 3 worksheets.Read More

Change Default AutoRecover and Presentation File Locations

SUMMARY: Change the default directory where PowerPoint 2010 presentations are saved as well as where AutoRecover files are kept.

By default, as with other Office 2010 applications, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010defaults to the user Documents directory to save presentations. AutoRecover files, useful if PowerPoint 2010 or your system crashes before a document is saved, are placed in the user’s AppData directory. For example, on standard Windows 7installations, documents default to the C:\ Users\ YOUR_USER_NAME\ Documentsfolder, and AutoRecover files are stored at C:\ Users\ YOUR_USER_NAME\ AppData\ Roaming\ Microsoft\ PowerPoint.Read More

If you Find the Popup ScreenTips Annoying, Disable Them!

SUMMARY: Disable pop-up ScreenTips in PowerPoint 2010 if you don’t find them at all useful.

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Undo Picture Adjustments

SUMMARY: Reset a heavily-modified picture in PowerPoint 2010 to its imported state.

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Stop Asking to Save Ink Annotations!

SUMMARY: Prevent PowerPoint 2010 from even asking to save ink annotations after a presentation.

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Inserting a Screenshot Into Your Presentation

SUMMARY: Illustrate how to use a software program or web service by adding a screenshot into your PowerPoint 2010 presentation.

Perhaps you need to give a Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation that instructs participants how to use a particular piece of software or web service. Just describing the features isn’t enough; screenshots may prove quite useful.

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Apply Artistic Effects Including Blur, Cement, Chalk Sketch, Film Grain

SUMMARY: Apply artistic effects to pictures / photos in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation without loading an external image editor.

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Change the Default Pen and “Laser Pointer” Colors

SUMMARY: Make the annotating pen and virtual laser pointer appear in different colors while displaying a PowerPoint 2010 slide show.Read More