Topics include selecting, cutting, copying, pasting, and moving text inside Microsoft Word 2003 documents.

While the print preview mode can show small versions of your Microsoft Word 2003 document pages onscreen, it is impossible to edit text while previewing your document.

Summary: Force Word 2003 to ask you for extended document properties.

Summary: Perform different types of text underlining using the keyboard.

Summary: Update Word 2003 – find security updates and new features.

When modifying a complex Word 2003 document containing multiple lists, Word may get confused when handling one list directly after another, continuing the numbering from the previous list….

By default, whenever you copy and paste pictures into a Microsoft Word 2003 document, images are pasted with the “in line with text” formatting. As you can see…

* Insert Document Creation Date Insert the original date your document was first created. * Display the Document Print Date Want to display the date and time the…

If your Word 2003 document needs an organization chart to illustrate a key point, you can easily add one to your document. Choose “Insert” – “Picture” – “Organization…

Summary: For privacy, prevent Microsoft Word 2003 from remembering the most recently-used filenames.