Microsoft Word 2003 Text Selecting and Moving

Topics include selecting, cutting, copying, pasting, and moving text inside Microsoft Word 2003 documents.

* Drag to Move Text
Forget using cutting and pasting to move text in a Microsoft Word 2003 document.

* Stop Replacing Selected Text
Prevent Microsoft Word 2003 from deleting text when you accidentally select it and start typing.

* Stop Accidentally Moving Text
Keep Microsoft Word 2003 from jumbling text around your documents.

* Hide the Office Clipboard
Keep the Office clipboard from showing next to your Word 2003 document.

* Stop Showing the Paste Options Button
Prevent the Paste Options button from appearing in Word 2003.

* Select Text Matching a Particular Style
Find all text in a large Microsoft Word 2003 document that matches a particular style and formatting.

* Finer Text Selection
Select text more precisely in your Word 2003 documents.

* View Text Matching a Style
Quickly highlight all headers or other styled text in your Microsoft Word 2003 document.

* Paste Text with the Press of the INSERT key
Give your Insert key some use in Microsoft Word 2003 documents by having it paste text from the clipboard.

* Insert a Word or Text File Inside the Current File
Insert the contents of a Word or text file inside another Word document.