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Microsoft Word 2003 Document Viewing and Navigation – View Page Thumbnails

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Save Document Properties on First Save

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Check for Updates Online

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Microsoft Word 2003 Lists – Restart List Numbering

When modifying a complex Word 2003 document containing multiple lists, Word may get confused when handling one list directly after another, continuing the numbering from the previous list. For example, one list may contain items numbered 1-4, yet a second seemingly-independent list may start numbering at 5 instead of restarting at 1. If this happens, merely right-click inside the second list and choose “Restart Numbering” from the pop-up menu that appears.

Microsoft Word – Change How Pictures Are Pasted

By default, whenever you copy and paste pictures into a Microsoft Word 2003 document, images are pasted with the “in line with text” formatting.

As you can see by the first mini-screenshot to the right (the words have been blurred), the photograph of the mountains sticks out from the rest of the paragraph.

There are several other ways images can be formatted in documents, such as:

* In line with text
* Square
* Tight
* Behind text

* In front of text
* Through
* Top and bottom

For example, in the second mini-screenshot (again with words blurred), the mountains photograph was pasted with the “square” formatting, where the image appears squared to the left of the first paragraph. Note that text wraps around below the image.

To change this default image pasting formatting:

1. Click “Tools” – “Options”.

2. When the “Tools” multi-tabbed dialog box appears, click the “Edit” tab.

3. Underneath “Insert / Paste pictures as”, click the pull-down and choose one of the options as desired.

4. Click “OK” to close the dialog box.

Microsoft Word 2003 Date and Time

* Insert Document Creation Date
Insert the original date your document was first created.

* Display the Document Print Date
Want to display the date and time the current document was last printed?

* Insert Date and Time
Insert a self-updating date or timestamp inside a Word 2003 document.

* Modify Default Date and Time Format
Change the format that Microsoft Word 2003 uses when you add the current date and time into documents.

Microsoft Word 2003 Pictures and WordArt – Insert an Organizational Chart

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Remove Recently Used File List

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