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Automatically Open Results in a New Tab or Window

SUMMARY: Save time browsing Google results by opening websites in a new tab or window, keeping the search results visible.

As mentioned in a previous MalekTip, if you open Google results in a new browser tab or window, you can more easily return to your search results without having to use the “Back” button or re-enter your search query. However, this requires you remembering to manually do so every time. If you wish, you can have Google automatically perform this task for you: Read More

What is My IP Address?

SUMMARY: Need to find your public IP address? It’s just a Google search away.

For playing online games or accessing particular Internet services, it might prove useful to know your public IP address (the address that other computers / devices on the Internet can use to contact your machine and the address given out when contacting other computers / devices). If you are using an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that provides dynamic IP addresses, this may change every time you go online. And, if you use a proxy server or VPN (virtual private network), displaying your “public” IP address can help ensure you are actually accessing the Internet via the connected service.Read More