What is My IP Address?

SUMMARY: Need to find your public IP address? It’s just a Google search away.

For playing online games or accessing particular Internet services, it might prove useful to know your public IP address (the address that other computers / devices on the Internet can use to contact your machine and the address given out when contacting other computers / devices). If you are using an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that provides dynamic IP addresses, this may change every time you go online. And, if you use a proxy server or VPN (virtual private network), displaying your “public” IP address can help ensure you are actually accessing the Internet via the connected service.
Instead of going through computer settings to display your public IP address, finding this information is just a Google search away:


Displaying your public IP address via Google – note that the IP address has been blurred in this screenshot

While searching for what is my ip address should show your public IP address in Google, the following shorter searches may also work:

* ip address
* my ip
* ip

Google’s first result should be your public IP address, plus a link to learn more about how IP addresses are used.