Automatically Open Results in a New Tab or Window

SUMMARY: Save time browsing Google results by opening websites in a new tab or window, keeping the search results visible.

As mentioned in a previous MalekTip, if you open Google results in a new browser tab or window, you can more easily return to your search results without having to use the “Back” button or re-enter your search query. However, this requires you remembering to manually do so every time. If you wish, you can have Google automatically perform this task for you: 1. Visit

2. Perform any search.

3. Click the gears icon near the top-right of a search results page, selecting “Search Settings”.

4. When the “Search Settings” page appears, scroll down and check “Open each selected result in a new browser window.” Note that depending on your web browser settings, new results may open in new tabs instead.

5. Click “Save” to store your settings.

Now, search Google as you would normally. Whenever you open a search engine result, it will automatically appear in a new browser window or tab!

Note that if you disable browser cookies, your settings will not be remembered the next time you visit Google.