Microsoft Word 2007 – Show Page Thumbnails

While editing a document in Microsoft Word 2007 you can add a left pane in the Word window displaying thumbnails of your document. This may prove useful when navigating through longer documents, plus it provides a preview of how documents will look if printed.

1. Click the “View” tab in the ribbon at the top of Word 2007.

2. In the “Show/Hide” group, check “Thumbnails” to enable the thumbnail previews.

Now, to navigate through your document, you can click on a thumbnail image to jump to the desired page.

You can increase or decrease the size of the pane in which Word displays the thumbnail previews. Increasing the size allows Word 2007 to display more pages onscreen simultaneously.

Resizing the Word 2007 thumbnails preview pane

1. Move your mouse directly to the right of the thumbnail preview pane. The mouse pointer should turn into a double-sided arrow.

2. Click and drag the mouse pointer to the right to increase the size of the thumbnail preview pane. Clicking and dragging to the left will decrease its size. Be sure to provide enough room onscreen so you can still edit your document without horizontal scrolling.