Toggle Word Count in Status Bar

Summary: Toggle displaying the document word count in the status bar.
Depending on your Microsoft Word 2007 configuration, the status bar may contain the word count of the current document.

Clicking this part of the status bar brings up the “Word Count” dialog box, providing even more detailed word count information. Also, from this dialog box you can configure whether or not the content of textboxes, footnotes, and endnotes are included.

Some people would rather not have this information displayed on the status bar.

* Removing this option helps de-clutter the status bar.

* The auto-word calculation requires extra CPU time. Those with laptop computers needing to conserve every ounce of battery power, or those with slower computers, may wish to disable this feature.

To toggle the word count display in the status bar:

1. Right-click the Word 2007 status bar.
2. Check or uncheck “Word Count” as desired in the menu that appears.

Configuring whether the word count indicator will appear in the Word 2007 status bar