Disable AutoComplete Suggestions

Summary: Prevent Microsoft Word 2003 from displaying pop-ups when it thinks you want it to automatically suggest certain words or phrases.

In some situations when you begin to type your name, company name, or selected other text in a Microsoft Word 2003 document such as “Best Regards,” “Thank You”, or “To Whom It May Concern”, Word 2003 will guess what you are trying to write. Such text will be displayed in a pop-up. Instead of finishing typing the phrase, you can press ENTER and have Word 2003 complete the text for you.

Some people find this option very useful, especially when they edit the AutoText list and add frequently-keyed phrases of their own. However, others note that Word rarely correctly guesses the text and find the pop-up yellow text annoying. If you’re in the latter category and wish to disable this feature:

1. Click “Tools” – “AutoCorrect Options”.

2. When the “AutoCorrect Options” multi-tabbed dialog box appears, click the “AutoText” tab.

3. Uncheck “Show AutoComplete Suggestions”.

Disabling Word 2003’s AutoComplete Feature

4. Click “OK” to close the dialog box.