Create Wide Text

Summary: Creating a sign, poster, or other advertisement with Microsoft Word 2003? Make text that stands out from the rest.

When creating Microsoft Word 2003 documents, you may frequently want headline or title text to stand out from the rest, especially if you are creating signs, posters, printed advertisements, etc. One way to do so is to make such text extra-wide for emphasis.

1. Select the text you want to make extra-wide.

2. Right-click the text and choose “Font”.

3. When the “Font” multi-tabbed dialog box appears, choose “Character Spacing”.

4. Next to “Scale”, select 200% to create text double the size of normal. Underneath “Preview” you can see how your text will look. If desired, you can type in a percentage up to 600% to create even wider, attention-grabbing text.

5. When you have selected your desired scale, click “OK” to close the dialog box