Microsoft Word 2003 Pictures and WordArt – Diagrams

Need to insert a pyramid diagram, target diagram, radial diagram, Venn diagram, or cycle diagram into your document? Forget pulling out a flowchart tool – you can insert such graphics easily in Word 2003.

1. Click “Insert” – “Diagram”
2. Choose the diagram type to insert and click “OK”.
3. A diagram will now appear in your document.

* To add text, click the area labeled “Click to add text”.

* To add another picture to the diagram, click the “Insert shape” button. For diagrams supporting multiple shapes, click the down-arrow next to the button to choose the type of shape to insert.

* To remove a shape, right-click on it and select “Cut”. The diagram will change automatically.

* Depending on the chart, right-clicking on a graphic may pull up other options, such as the ability to change shape types, shape colors, or sizes.