Microsoft Word 2003 Text Selecting and Moving – Hide the Office Clipboard

In Word 2003, whenever you copy multiple items to the Clipboard, an Office Clipboard appears to the right of your current document. This Clipboard lets you copy and paste text using one of the last several items copied to the Clipboard. While many people find this feature useful in that they can copy several items to the Clipboard for later pasting use, others find this pane annoying in how it automatically pops up, potentially hiding part of the current Word 2003 document.

You can change how the Clipboard behaves. From Microsoft Word 2003:

1. If the Clipboard is not already onscreen, choose “Edit” – “Office Clipboard”.

2. Click on the “Options” button.

3. To hide the Clipboard icon from popping up on the Windows taskbar, uncheck “Show Office Clipboard Icon on Taskbar” and “Show Status Near Taskbar When Copying”.

4. To hide the Clipboard task pane from appearing (you can always bring it up manually), uncheck “Show Office Clipboard Automatically” and “Show Office Clipboard when Ctrl-C Pressed Twice”.

5. Click the “X” on the top-right of the Office Clipboard pane to close.