Work on Two Separate Document Sections

Summary: View or edit two different parts of a Microsoft Word 2003 document simultaneously.

Editing a large Microsoft Word 2003 document? If so, it may prove cumbersome jumping back and forth between sections of the document performing editing tasks. If you’d like, you can work on two different sections of the document simultaneously by splitting the window.

1. Open a document for editing.

2. Choose “Window” then “Split”.

3. A horizontal dividing line will appear in the middle of the screen. Move your mouse up or down to move the split line up or down, and press the left mouse button to set the split.

Your document will now appear in two separate panes inside the Microsoft Word 2003 window. You can switch between the two panes by clicking on the document text in the top or bottom pane. As you move around the document in one of the two panes, it will not affect the cursor position in the other pane. You can make changes in one pane, however, and the other pane will change as well – both panes reflect the same document.

If you later want to remove the split, choose “Window” then “Remove Split”.