Create Fancier Tables

Create Fancier Tables

Summary: Use Word 2003’s AutoFormat feature to create fancier tables.

When creating tables in a Microsoft Word 2003 document, such as by creating tables automatically by column-delimited lists, you may find the standard tables look dull and boring.

To combat blandness, Word 2003 has a feature allowing you to select from many pre-defined styles that adjust table borders, shading, colors, and more.

1. Click inside a table that you wish to change.

2. Select “Table” – “Table AutoFormat”.

3. The “Table AutoFormat” dialog box appears as shown below:

Word 2003’s Table AutoFormat dialog box

4. Click on one of the formats to preview how the table will appear in your document. Many formats are installed by default in categories such as 3d effects, classic, colorful, contemporary, and professional.

5. Depending on your table and desired table style, you may wish to check or uncheck “Heading rows”, “First column”, “Last row”, and or “Last column”. Failure to do so may apply a different style to a particular row or column in your table when you do not wish it differentiated.

For example, many styles assume your table has a header, or descriptor, row. If your table does not have such a row, unchecking “Heading rows” is recommended.

6. When done, click the “Apply” button to close the dialog box and apply your table format changes.