Change the List Numbering Font

Summary: Use a different font and style for numbers preceding items in lists.
Normally, when you create a numbered list in a Microsoft Word 2003 document, the list numbers preceding each item share the same font and formatting as that of the item itself.

However, what if you want the numbers to look different than each item, such as the list example to the right?

1. Move your cursor inside the list.

2. Choose “Format” – “Bullets and Numbering”.

3. The “Bullets and Numbering” multi-tabbed dialog appears, and the “Numbered” tab should be selected. Click the “Customize” button.

Customizing a numbered list in a Word 2003 document

4. A “Customized Numbered List” dialog box appears. Click the “Font” button.

5. The standard “Font” multi-tabbed dialog box appears. Change your font color, size, style, .etc as desired, then click “OK” on all of the dialog boxes to close them.

Note that while changing the current list style, this will also change the list style presented in one of the slots when you enter the “Bullets and Numbering” dialog box in the future. To clear this formatting from that dialog box, click the “Reset” button.