Rotate Cells

Summary: Make particular cells in an Excel 2007 Spreadsheet stand out by rotating displayed values.

When designing spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel 2007, it may prove useful to have certain cells, such as column headers, stand out graphically. One way to do this is by rotating text inside cells to appear vertically or at an angle.

1. Click on a cell or select a group of cells that you would like to rotate.
2. Click the “Home” tab in the ribbon at the top of Excel 2007.
3. In the “Alignment” group, click the “Orientation” button. This looks like the letters “ab” rotated. View the below screenshot snippet:
4. Now choose from one of the various options:

* Angle Counterclockwise
* Angle Clockwise
* Vertical Text
* Rotate Text Up
* Rotate Text Down

Or, click “Format Cell Alignment” and the “Format Cells” dialog box appears. From here, underneath the “Orientation” box, enter in the exact number of degrees you want the cell(s) rotated. Or, click the onscreen graphic and visually see how your text will look when rotated.

For example, note the below spreadsheet of four salespeople’s’ quarterly earnings. The first cell describes the spreadsheet as containing sales quarters and names. The first row contains quarter headers. These cells stand out, rotated via the cell orientation button.