Password Protect Your Documents

Summary: Help keep your Microsoft Word 2000 documents from prying eyes.

If you’re concerned about your Microsoft Word 2000 document’s security, you may want to password protect it. This way, you can help ensure your document does not get read and/or modified by the wrong individuals.

To enable password protection, start up Microsoft Word 2000 and open up the document that you need protected. Click the “Tools” menu then “Options”. On the multi-tabbed dialog box that follows, select the “Save” tab. To prevent unauthorized opening of your document, type in a password under “Password to open”. To prevent unauthorized modifications, type in a password under “Password to modify”. Press “OK” to close the dialog box. Word will then ask you to confirm your password(s).

Realize that password protection is not fail-safe. It can be cracked. However, for many instances, this protection may be good enough for your documents.