View Six Pages at Once

Summary: Preview multiple pages of your Word 97 documents onscreen simultaneously.

You probably know that you can select the “View” menu and then “Zoom” to change the zoom level on the current document. This is useful when you need to see small graphic items or when you just can’t read the text. Did you know, however, you can show several pages onscreen at once?

To do so, click the “View” menu, selecting “Zoom”. Click on the “Many pages” radio button and then click on the monitor button underneath. A popup menu will appear showing six “screens”. Move your mouse pointer over the screens and read the line of text underneath; the line says how many screens your selection would make Word display simultaneously. After you are done, press “OK” to close the dialog box.

Although you can display up to six screens at once, depending on your monitor and graphics card, you probably will not be able to read the text on the pages. This feature, however, can be useful if you are diagnosing page layout issues.