Microsoft Word 97 – Table of Contents is Easy

Do you need to make a table of contents to your document? Instead of just typing up your entries, let Word handle everything.

Select the lines of text that should be your TOC (Table of Contents) entries, and click on the pull-down next to your fonts pull-down (it normally says “Normal). Change what should be your main TOC entries to Header 1, the sub-headings to Header 2, etc.

Now, position your cursor where you want the TOC to appear. Choose “Insert” then “Index and Tables.” On the multi-tabbed dialog box that appears, choose “Table of Contents.” Choose your options, such as whether or not you wish to choose page numbers, and click “OK.” You instantly have what is called a table of contents “field.” To update this field (which you should do when you update your headers or when headers are moved from one page to another), right-click this `field’ and choose “Update Field.”