Microsoft Word 97

Help increase your productivity when writing documents with Microsoft Word 97 by following our tips. Some of these tips may work with other versions of Microsoft Word.

* Write on Wood, Marble, Stone
Add texture and other background effects to your Word 97 documents.

* Remember More Recently Used Files
Force Word 97 to remember the names of more than the four most recently-opened files.

* Adding Line Numbers to a Document
For legal contracts, computer code, or documents that need to be edited, number the lines in your Word 97 documents.

* Save Some Typing
Save your fingers with these Microsoft Word tips.

* Even Quicker Pasting
Paste text into Word 97 documents just by pressing the INS key.

* WordPerfect Nostalgia
Bring back the old WordPerfect 5.1 colors to Word 97.

* Custom Bullets
Tired of round bullets in Word 97 documents? Many other symbols are available.

* Stop Selecting Lines and Paragraphs the Hard Way
Mouse and keyboard shortcuts in Word 97 to highlight lines, paragraphs, and/or the whole document.

* Blinking and Animated Text
In VERY small doses, add blinking or animated text to your Microsoft Word 97 documents.

* Highlighting Text
Highlight important text when sharing your Word 97 documents.

* Table of Contents is Easy
Quickly add a table of contents to your Word 97 documents.

* Inserting Common Text
Stop retyping text you frequently add to Word 97 documents.

* Removing Line Numbers From One Paragraph or Two
Prevent certain lines in a Word 97 document from being numbered.

* Quick Bold, Italicize, and Underline
Keyboard shortcuts to bold, italicize, or underline text in Word 97 documents.

* Using a Drop Cap
Add a drop cap at the beginning of a paragraph.

* Remove the Status Bar
Add more screen real estate to Word 97 by hiding the status bar.

* Don’t Proof Certain Text
Prevent Word 97 from showing green or red squiggly lines underneath certain blocks of text.

* View Six Pages at Once
Preview multiple pages of your Word 97 documents onscreen simultaneously.

* Save or Close All
Save or close all open Microsoft Word 97 documents simultaneously.

* Switching Open Documents
A keyboard shortcut to flip through open Word 97 documents.

* Sending a Letter, But You Don’t Know When
Add an auto-updating date and time field to your documents.

Change the capitalization of text in Word 97 documents.

* Insert Copyrights and Trademarks
Add copyright, trademark, and registered trademark symbols to your text.