Microsoft Word 2003 Fonts – Apply Small Caps to Text

One way to make titles stand out in Microsoft Word 2003 documents such as flyers, promotional mailings, or announcements is to write titles in all caps.

Alternatively you can use Word 2003’s “Small Caps” feature that displays a phrase in all capital letters, but when you type uppercased letters, these letters appear larger than the others. It may prove useful to see some examples:

Examples of using Small Caps in Word 2003 documents

To use this feature:

1. Type in your desired text, capitalizing the first letter of each word.

2. Select the text and choose “Format” – “Font”, or right-click the text and choose “Font”.

3. When the “Font” dialog box appears, click the “Font” tab.

4. Check “Small Caps”. You should see a preview of your selected text below.

5. Click “OK” to close the dialog box.