Quickly Insert a Chart in Your Document

Summary: Add bar charts, line charts, and pie charts to your Word 2003 documents.

While you can import Microsoft Excel 2003 charts and graphs into your Microsoft Word 2003 documents, if you don’t need something overly complicated you can add create a chart or graph directly from Microsoft Word 2003.

Word 2003 document with an inserted chart

1. Select “Insert” – “Picture” – “Chart”.

2. A chart and a spreadsheet will appear in your document. You can modify the information displayed in the chart by modifying the data in the Datasheet view.

3. There are many ways you can modify the chart visuals. Right-clicking on the chart provides options such as modifying the borders and shading. You can right-click on chart elements to change shapes, change the chart type (doughnut, column, bubble, and pie charts, for example), rotate the shapes in 3D, and much more.

Note that after editing the chart and returning to the rest of the Microsoft Word document, the Datasheet may disappear. Double-click the chart to bring the datasheet back and/or if you wish to modify the chart visuals.