Give me a Font and a Half Point

Summary: Font sizes in Microsoft Word 2003 documents can include half a point.

You probably know that to change the font size in a Microsoft Word 2003 document you can enter the size in the “Font Size” pull-down or key in a size via the “Fonts” dialog box. The higher the point size the larger the font and vice-versa (up to a “point” – font sizes too small may not be represented onscreen correctly nor printed correctly).

What you may not know is that font point sizes can include half points. So if that thirty point Verdana just doesn’t look right for a headline, yet a thirty-one point Verdana looks a little too big, split the difference and use 30.5 points.

Note that Word only goes so far as half-points – you cannot use a 20.25 font point size, for example.