Give a Picture a Reflection

SUMMARY: Make a picture in a PowerPoint 2010 presentation appear to cause a reflection on a glossy surface.

One commonly-used graphics design technique that adds depth to an image is to have it look like a picture is causing a reflection on a glossy surface. Such a feature is easy to implement in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 as several built-in reflection types are available. Dedicated tweakers can go a step further and configure the exact reflection size, offset distance, transparency, and blur.

1. Select a desired picture.

2. Click the “Format (Picture Tools)” tab that appears.

3. In the “Picture Styles” group, click the “Picture Effects” button / pull-down.

4. Select “Reflection” from the pop-up menu that appears.

5. A secondary pop-up menu appears where you can choose from nine default reflection types.

If you’re detail-oriented and want to fine-tune the reflection effect, click the “Reflection Options” menu item instead. From here you may modify:

* Reflection transparency (0% opaque, 100% fully transparent)

* Reflection size (as a percentage of the original image, from 0% to 100%)

* Reflection distance (how far the reflection should appear from the original image)

* Blur (the greater the number, the more “out-of-focus” the reflection will appear)

Click “OK” on the dialog box to close it.