Microsoft Word 2003 Miscellaneous – Easy Table Creation

If you wish to display text in your Microsoft Word 2003 document in a table, you can go through and first create the table using the “Table -> Insert Table” menu, then selecting how tall and wide you want the table, then clicking on each individual table cell and entering data. However, there’s a MUCH easier way.

Enter your table data in your Microsoft Word 2003 document in a comma-delimited format. What does this mean? Perhaps you want a table of student names next to their grades. Enter the data like so:


Now, highlight the text and choose “Table -> Insert Table”. Voila! A 2×6 table is automatically created for you. If you don’t like how it looks, choose “Table -> Table Autoformat” to apply one of various designs, or go through the “Table” menu and manually edit the table’s display properties.

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