Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word help and tips for Word 97 through Word 2007. Using the spellchecker, autocorrect, keyboard shortcuts, styles, managing documents, inserting symbols such as copyrights, and more.

Microsoft Word 2000

Tips and tricks for Microsoft Word 2000 including shortcuts, tweaks, and protecting Word documents.

Microsoft Word 2003

Save time using Microsoft Word 2003. Read our helpful topics including keyboard shortcuts, adding a table of contents, customization, and Word 2003 security.

Microsoft Word 2007

Microsoft Word 2007 tips and tweaks including configuring the status bar, adding document watermarks, hiding recent documents, and showing page thumbnails.

Microsoft Word 97

Help increase your productivity when writing documents with Microsoft Word 97 by following our tips. Some of these tips may work with other versions of Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word XP

Help for Microsoft Word XP including tweaks and adding multimedia.

* Change How Pictures Are Pasted
Change the default formatting when images are pasted into Word documents.

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