Microsoft Word 2007

Microsoft Word 2007 tips and tweaks including configuring the status bar, adding document watermarks, hiding recent documents, and showing page thumbnails.

* Add Line Numbers
Add line numbers to your Word 2007 document to make sections easy to reference.

* Toggle Capitalizing the First Letters of Sentences
Configure whether you want Word 2007 to capitalize the first letter of every sentence.

* Update Document Fields Before Printing
Update the table of contents, date, and other fields before printing your Word 2007 documents.

* Switch Between Portrait and Landscape Modes
View and print your document in portrait or landscape mode.

* Add Vertical Page Position to Status Bar
When editing documents requiring pinpoint positioning of text or graphics elements, add the current vertical page position to the Word 2007 status bar.

* Paste Text Without Changing Formatting
Use Word 2007’s Paste Special command to paste text into documents without changing the current formatting.

* Add a Stylish Cover Page
Add an attractive cover page to your Word 2007 documents.

* Inspect Documents for Hidden Text
Before distributing Word 2007 documents, inspect them for hidden text.

* Go Metric – Or Other Units of Measurement
Word 2007 can use the metric system or other units of measurement.

* Add a Drop Cap
Add a Drop Cap for added flair in your Word 2007 documents.

* Prevent Automatic Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Prevent Word 2007 from creating automatic bulleted and numbered lists as you type.

* Add Line Number Indicator to the Status Bar
Determine which line you are reading / editing in a Word 2007 document.

* Automatic Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Word 2007 can create bulleted and numbered lists automatically as you type.

* Navigate Ribbon and Menus with the Keyboard
Explains how to navigate the Word 2007 Ribbon and menus with the keyboard.

* Toggle Printing Background Colors and Images
Configure whether or not Word 2007 should print background colors and images.

* Configure Word’s Options
Where is the configuration menu in Microsoft Word 2007?

* Toggle Word Count in Status Bar
Toggle displaying the document word count in the status bar.

* Toggle Scroll Bar Display
Toggle displaying scroll bars to zoom through larger Word 2007 documents.

* Add the Caps Lock Indicator
Display whether or not the CAPS LOCK key is held down when editing documents in Word 2007.

* Display the Ruler
Display a horizontal and vertical ruler when editing Word 2007 documents.

* Hide Recent Documents
Hide the list of recent documents when opening files from within Word 2007.

* Insert a Page Break
Force text and images to appear on the next page of a Word 2007 document.

* Add a Document Watermark
Mark your Word 2007 document as “Secret” or “Confidential” with a watermark.

* Show Page Thumbnails
Display thumbnails while editing a Microsoft Word 2007 document.

* Insert Copyright, Trademark, Other Symbols
Add symbols for copyright, trademark, and registered trademark to your Word 2007 document.