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Add Line Numbers for Reference, Editing

SUMMARY: Quickly add line numbers to a Word 2010 document so text can more easily be referenced.

If you need to distribute Microsoft Word 2010 documents to others for reviewing or editing, or if you need to create documents containing large sections of data, it might prove useful to add line numbers. Referencing a particular line number may be much easier than “the third line of the fourth paragraph on page twelve”, for example…Read More

Microsoft Word 2000 – Full Screen Editing

When keying in a large document with Microsoft Word 2000, it may be beneficial to show more of the text onscreen at once, hiding toolbars, status bars, and the like.Read More

Microsoft Word 2000 – Stop Showing Red and Green Lines!

Especially with technical documents or documents containing plenty of acronyms, there may be huge sections of your text that don’t follow Microsoft Word 2000’s default spelling and grammar rules. Underneath these sections of text, Word normally will put red squiggly lines for spelling errors and green squiggly lines for grammar errors. If you’re tired of seeing these lines, there is a way to stop their display.Read More

Share Documents with Obscure Fonts

Summary: Having problems with others reading your Microsoft Word 2000 documents?Read More

Change to WordPerfect Colors

Summary: Microsoft Word 2000 user, but nostalgic over the WordPerfect days?Read More

Instantly Get Synonyms

Summary: Instantly get a word’s synonym in Microsoft Word 2000 without going through a mess of dialog boxes.Read More

Play Games With Your Assistant

Summary: A stupid tip for Microsoft Word 2000 involving Clippy.Read More

Microsoft Word 2000 – Quickly Zoom Your Document

If you have a mouse with a wheel, press and hold the CONTROL key and scroll the wheel up to zoom in your document. Press and hold the CONTROL key and scroll the wheel down to zoom out.

Microsoft Word 2000 – How Many Words in the Document?

Writing an essay, a business report, or an article to a magazine or e-zine in Microsoft Word 2000 that has word count requirements? To quickly find out how many word, lines, paragraphs, and pages are in the current document, click the “Tools” menu and select “Word Count”.

Full Screen Editing

Summary: Temporarily hide the Microsoft Word 2000 toolbars.Read More