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Stop Accidentally Moving Text!

UMMARY: Prevent accidental moving of text in Publisher 2010 via its drag-and-drop feature.

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Adjust Character Spacing, Width for Effect or to Fit More Text

SUMMARY: Draw attention to text in a Publisher 2010 document, or fit more text into a box by adjusting character width and spacing.Read More

Draw Attention; Border Text with a Graphic

SUMMARY: Add BorderArt to a text box to draw attention to important information or just to spice up a publication.

Looking to focus the reader’s eyes on a particular block of text in a Microsoft Publisher 2010 document? Instead of applying normal dotted or solid line borders, why not surround text with apples, confetti, pumpkins, trees, or a design of your own choosing?

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Save AutoRecover Information More or Less Often

SUMMARY: If you’re worried about program crashes and power outages, you may want Publisher 2010 to save AutoRecover information more often to reduce the chances of losing work.

By default, Microsoft Publisher 2010 saves AutoRecover information for open publications every 10 minutes. So, if a program / operating system crash or power failure shuts down Publisher before you forget to save your open files, upon restart of the software you may be able to recover some of your editing.

10 minutes may be too long an interval; a theoretical crash 9 minutes and 59 seconds after the latest save or AutoRecover save can cause you to lose a great deal of work. Reducing this interval may cause less work to be lost due to catastrophic failure. On the other hand, you might find it quite annoying that Publisher pauses so often to save the information and decide to increase this interval.

1. Select the “File” tab in the Ribbon.publisher-2010-menu-file

2. The Microsoft Office Backstage View appears. Click the “Options” button.publisher-2010-backstage-view-options-button

(Or instead of steps 1 and 2, press Alt + F, then the letter T.)

3. The “Publisher Options” dialog box appears. Click “Save” in the left pane.

4. Underneath “Save documents”, make sure “Save AutoRecover information every” is checked.

5. Next to “minutes”, enter a number from 1 to 120.

Configuring the interval between AutoRecover saves in Publisher 2010

6. Click “OK” on the bottom-right of the dialog box to close it.