View Snapshots of Many Pages of Your Document Simultaneously

Summary: Get a snapshot of how most, if not all, of your Word 2003 document appears.

If you’re writing or editing a large Microsoft Word 2003 document it may prove useful to see snapshots of most, if not all, your entire document onscreen. This can aid in navigating through your document, finding pages containing clip-art or other graphics, and possibly finding inconsistencies with the page layout.

This option is not accessible via the zoom pull-down arrow on the Word 2003 toolbar. To enable it:

1. Select “View” – “Zoom”.

2. A “Zoom” dialog box will appear. Click the “Many Pages” button.

3. This will show as much of your document onscreen as possible in small squares. Instead, you can force the zoom to show just a few pages onscreen at a time, which may make the document more legible. Click the below monitor icon to choose from viewing 1 page onscreen to viewing 2×3 (six pages) onscreen.

4. Click “OK” to close the dialog box and change your document edit zoom level.

To return to your previously-used zoom level, just click the zoom pull-down and choose 100% or your desired level.