Insert Fancy Text in Your Documents

Summary: Insert attention-grabbing text, WordArt, in your Microsoft Word 2003 documents.

Need to call attention to a particular line of text in your Microsoft Word 2003 document, such as the document title or a heading? Perhaps you are writing a flyer that really needs to grab attention?

Rainbow, curved, shaded, and other text can be added to your documents via the WordArt feature. For an example, play the movie below:

Movie demonstration of Word 2003’s WordArt feature

To add WordArt to your document:

1. Select “Insert” – “Picture” – “WordArt”.

2. The “WordArt Gallery” dialog box will appear. Select a WordArt style and click “OK”.

3. An “Edit WordArt Text” dialog box will appear. Enter your desired text, and if you wish, change the font, style, and size. Click “OK” when done.

WordArt can be resized and moved just like other text boxes. WordArt can also be tweaked. Click on a piece of WordArt and the “WordArt” toolbar appears. From here you can change the WordArt shape, alignment, character spacing, and much more. Hover your mouse over each button to display its functionality.

Word 2003’s WordArt toolbar