Microsoft Word 2003 Fonts

I Have Lost All My Fonts!

Summary: Editing or viewing Microsoft Word 2003 documents and the only available fonts that appear are Device Fonts? Here’s how you can solve this problem.

Has this ever happened to you? While working in Microsoft Word 2003, suddenly the document starts looking strange because some of the fonts are missing. Also, when using the font picker, only three fonts are available named “Device Font”, such as:

* Device Font 10cpi
* Device Font 12cpi
* Device Font 17cpi

This problem may occur even if other software packages list all available fonts, and you’ve double-checked your Windows “Fonts” folder to make sure your fonts have not been deleted.

The reason you’re seeing these “Device Fonts” is that Microsoft Word 2003 does not like your printer driver. It will only allow you to select fonts printable by your current printer.

* If your currently selected printer is none or “Generic / Text Only”, Microsoft Word 2003 will only show you the three device fonts.

This can be fixed by selecting “File” – “Print” and choosing another printer. If you have to, install a printer via the Windows Printers (or Printers and Faxes) Control Panel option.

* If you have an installed printer, perhaps the driver has been damaged? Try re-installing it. Then, you may want to check your computer for viruses and spyware – just in case.