Adding a Publisher Symbol to Your Documents

Summary: Add a symbol designating the publisher of a book, song, movie, etc. into your Microsoft Word 2003 documents.

This question was asked in the MalekTips computer help forums (now PC and Camera Help) a while back. What if you need to add a publishing symbol to your Microsoft Word 2003 documents (a P inside a circle, similar to a copyright symbol)?

1. Choose “Insert” – “Symbol”.
2. Select the “Webdings” font.
3. Scroll down to the second-to-last line. You should see a “P” with a circle.

Alternatively, do the following:

1. Remember the font you are currently using, then select “Webdings” from the font pull-down.

2. Make sure your “Num Lock” key is on.

3. Press and hold the ALT key while entering 0232 on your numeric keypad.

4. Select back to your previously-used font or what you next type will turn into crazy-looking symbols!