Create Backup Copies of All Documents

Summary: Force Microsoft Word 2003 to automatically create backup copies of your edited documents.

If you are concerned about computer crashes and other problems that might result in loss of data, Microsoft Word 2003 can be configured to automatically create a backup copy of every document you save. Backup copies share the same filename and location of the original document but they contain a “.WBK” file extension.

Note that backups are made of the PREVIOUS VERSION of a document. For example, if you create a file ‘document.doc’ and save it, no backup will be made. If you later modify ‘document.doc’, the old version of ‘document.doc’ will be changed to ‘document.wbk’, and a new copy of ‘document.doc’ will be created with your latest changes.

Note that enabling this feature might make your document saves slightly slower. This is because:

* Word must create a backup copy of the document.
* “Fast Saves” will be disabled by configuring this option.

To enable automatic document backups:

1. Select “Tools” – “Options”.

2. When the “Options” dialog box appears, click the “Save” tab.

3. Check “Always create backup copy”.

4. Click “OK” to save your settings.