Microsoft Word 2003 Document Viewing and Navigation – Compare Documents Side By Side

Forget to use document change tracking? Stuck with two somewhat similar documents you need to compare and merge the differences? Luckily, Microsoft Word 2003 comes built-in with a document comparison tool where you can view two documents side-by-side.

1. Open both documents in Microsoft Word 2003.

2. Focus on one document. Select “Window” – “Compare Side by Side With”. If you only have two documents open, this menu item will mention the second document’s filename. If not, a dialog box will appear allowing you to choose the document to compare.

3. The two documents will appear side-by-side. As you scroll through one document, the other will scroll as well.

4. A “Compare Side” floating toolbar will appear. If you don’t want one document to scroll while the other scrolls, click the left button (it looks like two documents side-by-side with an up and down arrow).

5. View/edit your document as needed. When done, click “Close Side by Side”.