Show / Hide Shortcut Keys on Toolbar ScreenTips

Summary: Learn keyboard shortcuts to popular Microsoft Word 2003 menu items by hovering your mouse pointer over toolbar buttons.

Depending on how your copy of Microsoft Word 2003 is configured, whenever you hover your mouse pointer over toolbar buttons, ScreenTips (popup help) appear describing the buttons’ functions. These ScreenTips may or may/not also show keyboard shortcuts for a particular function. If shown, you can find out shortcuts by hovering your mouse pointer. For example, hover over the printer icon and see that keyboard shortcut CONTROL-P results in the current document getting printed.

If you wish to turn these keyboard shortcut help tips on or off, do the following:

1. Click “Tools” – “Customize”.

2. When the “Customize” multi-tabbed dialog box appears, select the “Options” tab.

3. Check or uncheck “Show shortcut keys in ScreenTips” as desired. If this box is disabled, you must first check “Show ScreenTips on toolbars”.

4. Click “Close” to save your settings.