Use Different Bullet Characters for Lists

Summary: Change your bullet character in Microsoft Word 2003 lists from a circle to something colorful that stands out.

Tired of using the same circle character for your bulleted lists, and rather use something more friendly, like a smiley face, something more appropriate, like a picture of a computer or mailbox, or a colored box or circle?

1. Inside your list, choose “Format” – “Bullets and Numbering”.

2. When the “Bullets and Numbering” multi-tabbed dialog box appears, click the “Bulleted” tab.

3. Click the “Customize” button.

The “Customize Bulleted List” dialog box will appear. You can either A:

1. Click “Character”.

2. A “Symbol” dialog box will appear. Choose a symbol and click “OK”, or click the “Font” pull-down to look through other fonts for symbols.

3. If you wish, after selecting the bullet character, click the “Font” button on the “Customize Bulleted List” dialog box to bring up the “Font” dialog box. You can change the bullet’s color, size, and more. You can even click the “Text Effects” tab and select animations to add sparkles to your bullets!

or B:

1. Click “Picture”.

2. Browse through a list of graphical bullets and select your desired graphic, or click the “Import” button and browse your system for a picture you’d rather use as a bullet instead of the defaults.

When done, click “OK” on the dialog boxes to close them. Your bulleted list will now reflect your changes. No more boring black circles for you!