Add a Drop Cap

Summary: Add a stylish drop cap to your Microsoft Word 2003 documents.

A drop cap, basically the first letter of the first word of a paragraph displayed in a large font, can add a touch of style or class to a document. Used sparingly, this feature can spice up a series of boring, plain paragraphs.

To add a drop cap to a Word 2003 document:

1. Position your cursor at the beginning of a paragraph where you would like to see a drop cap.

2. Choose “Format” – “Drop Cap”.

3. A “Drop Cap” dialog box should appear. Select whether you would like a “Dropped” or “In margin” drop cap, or you can remove a previously existent cap.

4. Select the font you wish to use for the cap.

5. If desired, select a different Distance From Text to make the Drop Cap letter more or less removed from the paragraph.

6, Increase or decrease the Lines to Drop to increase or decrease the size of the Drop Cap letter.

7. Press “OK” to apply your desired changes.