Toggle Capitalizing the First Letters of Sentences

Summary: Configure whether you want Word 2007 to capitalize the first letter of every sentence.

Depending on your configuration, Microsoft Word 2007 may automatically capitalize the first letter of each sentence. This may prove helpful when typing large paragraphs of information as sometimes a finger may slip when pressing the Shift key and leave the first letter of a sentence uncapitalized.

This feature, however, does not work 100% of the time, and enabling it has some downsides. In some technical and other documents you may start a paragraph with information or a proper name that needs to be in lowercase. Word will think the first letter should be uppercased, cheerfully changing it for you.

To toggle this behavior:

1. Access the Microsoft Word 2007 Options menu.

2. When the “Word Options” dialog box appears, click “Display” in the left pane.

3. Click the “AutoCorrect Options” button in the right pane.

4. The “AutoCorrect” dialog box appears. Select the “AutoCorrect” tab.

5. Check or uncheck “Capitalize first letter of sentences” as desired.

6. Click “OK” on the dialog boxes to close them.