Grayscale an Image

Summary: Convert an image in your Word 2003 document to grayscale.

After adding a color image to your Microsoft Word 2003, whether the image was from a file, a scanner or digital camera, or other means, you may decide later to convert the color image to grayscale.

Example image of fish in a Word 2003 document, converted to grayscale..

1. If you are planning on printing the document on a grayscale printer (or a color printer in grayscale mode), converting the image may show a more accurate representation onscreen of how the document will look when printed.

2. If your document will be mass-distributed (such as a flyer) or faxed, you may wish to go ahead and grayscale the image.

3. Sometimes you may want to just grayscale an image for artistic reasons.

To perform this tip:

1. Click on an image to convert.

2. If the “Picture” toolbar is not visible (as seen below), right-click the image and click “Show Picture Toolbar”.

3. Click the “Color” button on the Picture Toolbar and select “Grayscale”.