Quickly Add a Picture to your Document

Summary: Step-by-step instructions for adding an on-screen picture to your Word 2003 document.

Do you have a picture on your hard drive, external hard drive, CD or DVD, etc. that you would like to add to your Microsoft Word 2003 document? Here’s a simple step-by-step on how to add the image.

1. Navigate your document to where you want the picture added.

2. Select “Insert” – “Picture” – “From File”.

3. An “Insert Picture” dialog box appears, similar to the following:

Word 2003’s “Insert Picture” dialog box, screenshot taken on a Windows XP machine

4. Navigate your computer to find your image file. You can click on shortcuts such as “Desktop” or “My Documents” to jump to files on your desktop or “My Documents” folder. Click the “My Computer” shortcut to browse through your hard drives, external hard drives, CDs, DVDs, network shares, etc.

5. Once you have found an image, simply double-click it to add it to your document.

There are many ways to “tweak” the image in your document. For example:

1. Want to center the image? Click on the image, and then click on the “Center” button in the toolbar.

2. Need to shrink the image? Click on the image and boxes will appear on each corner and side. Move your mouse pointer to one of these tiny boxes and the pointer will turn into a double-pointed arrow.

Click and hold the mouse button down once it has turned into a double-pointed arrow, then move your mouse cursor to shrink or enlarge the image. A dotted-line box will appear as you move the pointer, signifying the new image size if you release the mouse button.

Note that enlarged images may appear “blocky” or pixilated, depending on the image type (such as JPG images).